November 2019

The demand of the Baking Supplies category in both the Northeast and Western US Regions is being carried in growth by Natural & Specialty brands. Consumers are looking for cleaner ingredients, and health focused products like almond flour, whole wheat, coconut, xanthum gum, arrowroot and plant-based options (egg replacers) are growing across the sub-categories. Trending diets like paleo, keto, low-carb, gluten-free and dairy-free are without a doubt contributing to the success of many items within baking, as shoppers revamp recipes to fit their needs.

Below we’ve included our featured brands that are growing within the category, as well a featured listing of items from our assortments. We have both Northeast and Western US information below.



trends in baking supplies

North East Markets           

Natural & Specialty brands, which have increased by $9M in sales to offset the $8.5M loss from Conventional. Flours grew the most with a $6M increase in sales, followed by Ingredients at $1.4M. Baking and pancake mixes arn’t experiencing growth as categories, but there are rising trends within them to note.

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baking supplies trends west coast

West Coast Markets           

The demand of the Baking Supplies category is thriving across all subcategories on the West Coast. Natural & Specialty are carrying more than double the growth of Conventional brands with $13M vs. $5.5M YOY. Flours and baking ingredients grew the most at $6M each, while baking and pancake mixes grew almost $3M each.

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