FEATURED CATEGORY: Wellness & Snack Bars

February 2020

Snack and Wellness Bars are seeing growth in Natural and Specialty, while more Conventional brands decline. Consumers are looking for on-the go, filling, healthy and clean ingredients within this area. Functional ingredients like chia seeds, protein powder, pre and pro-biotics, collagen as well as super foods are strongly making their way into this category. Traditional granola/breakfast bars are being substituted for healthier options, but the sub categories are merging. We will also see this category begin to trend off shelf and into refrigerator and frozen areas. As ingredients become healthier with no-gluten and include components that are perishable, retailers will need to make room for them – right along with Ready to Drink Functional Beverages.

Below we’ve included our featured brands that are growing within the category, as well a featured listing of items from our assortments. We have both Northeast and Western US information below.

North East Markets

Download the full, printable version with popular Davidson items – CLICK HERE

northeast wellness bar trend


West Coast Markets

Download the full, printable version with popular C&S items – CLICK HERE

west coast wellness bar trends

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